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Interested to become a member of the Association of MSF Austria? Apply here: MEMBERSHIP FORM


Members are essential to the movement. MSF is unique in the humanitarian world in its associative approach to internal governance and its culture of discussion and debate. The associations offer opportunities for MSFers to voice their opinions and place the responsibility of preserving the core mandate of MSF's medical humanitarian action in their hands.

Members move MSF forward, not only because of their volunteering out in the field, but also thanks to their thoughtful approach to our work. Their continued reflection helps MSF to provide the best treatment for patients and the most effective aid for those in precarious situations.

MSF is What We Make of it!

Being a Member means        

  • attend General Assemblies (GA) with the right to vote, elect or be elected
  • influence the decision making by voting at the General Assembly
  • voice your ideas and motions at various member gatherings (Open Board Meetings, Forums etc.)
  • contribute to topics and to found working groups
  • discuss your ideas with other MSFer at the “Expat-Stammtisch”
  • having access to the intranet of the MSF Austria association
  • receive regular updates via email on important topics of what is going on in MSF Austria and MSF-International

How to become a Member
In order to become a Member you need...

  • to have been in the field for at least 6 months or
  • to have been on at least two shorter missions or
  • to have been employed in the office or as national staff for at least 6 months or
  • to have supported the office for at least 24 months as a volunteer

The board decides on the admittance of people who comply with the criteria.

The membership fee is EUR 15,-- per year and can be paid via bank transfer to: