MSF-AT asso discussion on the Rewards Review

Julie Anna Eskesen
Julie Anna Eskesen
Event date 26 Jan '23 18:00 - 20:00
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MSF-AT asso discussion on the Rewards Review


January 26

6 pm

Online on Teams


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Interested in the future of pay and benefits in MSF? Then this session is for you!


The Rewards Review is creating a new system for how to categorize, grade and remunerate all job positions in MSF. The results will affect our entire global workforce and the outcomes are scheduled to come into effect from 2023. In this session, we take a closer look at what the Rewards Review is all about and what it sets out to do.


The Rewards Review is the largest revision of staff rewards policies (pay, benefits, minimum standards, staff grouping, etc.) in MSF history. Together with other parallel processes ongoing in MSF under the Agenda for Transformation, the Rewards Review will likely transform MSF as we know it today and have a huge impact on our staff - but how exactly? And at what cost? What will the main changes in the new system likely be? What are the different components of the review? What has already been decided and what remains to be settled? How will this affect current staff and remuneration?

To help answer our questions, and to guide us through this complex but highly pertinent project, we have invited an interesting panel of speakers and encourage everyone interested in pay, benefits and our global workforce to join this session.



Introduction to the Rewards Review by Stefano Manfredi, Senior HR Partner in the Rewards Review team, International Office

Commentary by Laura Leyser, General Director of MSF-Austria and Isabelle Weisswasser, HR Director in MSF-Austria

Q&A & debate, all participants are strongly encouraged to participate in the debate!

Cristina Rusu, Board Member, MSF-Austria Board and HR Focal Point will moderate the session.



The process of the Rewards Review was launched at the request of all Executive and Human Resources directors of MSF in 2018. The reason for the request was that our current system was deemed as outdated and no longer matching our needs. The world around us is changing, our ways of working are changing, and our staff (composition) is changing. This means that our current policies and processes lead to inconsistencies, do not fully support our operational and organizational needs, hamper mobility, and does not match our ambition for a diverse global workforce and is perceived as inequitable. 

The ambition is to change the way in which we reward our entire global workforce and to do so in a way that contributes to MSF becoming a more equitable, just and global organization. The review focuses on 5 key areas of concern and the finalized review will include 5 tangible deliverables within these areas. 

The different components of the Rewards Review are slowly starting to come together and paint a picture of what the new rewards system will look like. Most recently, a proposal for a new staff segmentation model and a supporting pay policy was presented and a global grading framework for all job position is under way. The next comprehensive update will be presented to the Full ExCom in April 2023.




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