General Assembly 2023

Dear members, colleagues, friends,

The 29th General Assembly of MSF-Austria was held on May 5-6, 2023.

The mandates of Eleonore Bauer, Klara Palfrader and Monika Weiszmann ended.

Eleonore Bauer was re-elected and Alena Koscalova elected to the Board.

Najet Makhloufa was co-opted to the Board as Treasurer and the co-optation was approved by the GA.


The Board composition of MSF-Austria is now:

Board Member 


Focal point for

International function

Leo HO


General Direction

IGA Rep, OCG Congress Rep, OCG HR Comm.


Vice President 


SITS Board Member 

Najet Makhloufa




Eleonore BAUER 



Agora Rep

Klaus VOLMER (co-opted)




Alena Koscalova







Cristina RUSU


Human Ressources

OCG Rep, OCG HR Comm. (coopted)

Tobias HAAS


Advocacy & Humanitarian Affairs

Click on the names to check out some more details on their profiles or to get in touch with them directly. Feel free to contact the Board Members anytime. More information about the work and responsibilities of the Board can be found HERE.
Moreover, the following was put to a vote for all members:
  • Approval of the President’s Moral Report (approved)
  • Approval of the Treasurer's report (approved) 
  • Discharging the Board from liability (approved)
  • Re-appointment of KPMG as the auditor (approved)
  • Motion "Strengthening Effectiveness and Accountability through Evaluations" (confirmed) 
  • Resolution on member fee (approved)
  • Resolution on President's remuneration (approved)
The minutes of the meeting can be found HERE. 
All relevant documents related to the General Assembly can be found below on this site.
For any further questions, please contact Association Coordinator Julie Eskesen